June 29th, 2022

RSE works with sustainable coffee brand ecogrounds®

Specialty Coffee Roaster Bewley’s North America, known for its popular Java City®, JCX®, and Double Black® brands, has tapped RSE to develop their sustainability focused coffee ecogrounds®, through branding, retail and consumer materials.

ecogrounds® only sources coffee beans that are Rainforest Alliance, Fair-Trade and/or Organic certified. They know their farmers, pay above fair wages and invest in the communities where their beans are grown. This new relationship blends RSE’s commitment to purpose-driven work with ecogrounds’® uncompromising passion for responsible and sustainable coffee.

RSE has been working closely with the marketing team at Bewley’s North America over the last several months to strike the right blend of bold tone and striking visuals. Stay tuned for updates and visit ecogrounds.com to learn more about their coffee, mission and commitment to environmental and social responsibility.