April 3rd, 2023

A Peek Behind The Creative Curtain

Art and copy.

An iconic duo. Tale as old as time. Yin and yang of the ad game. Both are core elements to the creative process of bringing a concept to life and captivating an audience’s attention. But what really goes into a working relationship between art director and copywriter? Well, the short answer is:

It’s a bit of a dance.                     

There are certain steps and roles involved in the art and copywriting collaboration, but also a whole lot of freestyle. The art director has the vision, and the copywriter has the voice — we tend to meet each other in the middle during most of the ideation and decision making. Even though we have different creative roles, we work as a team.

What’s the long answer, you ask? Read on as the creative department opens up about how we bring concepts to life on the daily.

Creatives tell all

How do you get “inspo” for projects?  

“Inspo comes from anywhere. Listening to music, watching a movie, taking a walk/hike, reading a news article, even thinking of shared pain points with your team during brainstorming. Even a little nostalgic pop culture reference or memory can inspire an idea that can be modernized for today’s audience.”

– Alicia, Sr. Copywriter

Why split up into creative multiple teams for the same project?

“There’s no one solution for any creative project. Ideas can come from anyone at any time. Having different teams, bringing their different perspectives and influences, allows fresh, new ideas to be born. Someone may have a new way of looking at a solution that can inspire a thought for another team. The best work comes from working together with honest collaboration and input. And donuts.”

– Steve, Creative Director

What does a brainstorming session look like for you?

“Brainstorming is my favorite part of the creative process! I love when everyone brings different ideas and perspectives to the table that inspire more thoughts and ideas. It’s a casual and creative environment where conversations kind of snowball thoughts into concepts.”

– Rachel, Art Director

In your opinion, what helps make art and copy flow well together?

“When they balance each other out. The best art and copy combos are never redundant. Each provides context and makes the other better. Good on their own but great in combination. Kinda like chips and guac.”

– Montana, Copywriter

Where’s the craziest place an idea has come to you?

 “When a project has been on my mind, and I wake up in the middle of the night and BAM!”

– Kari, Sr. Art Director   

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