August 7th, 2023

High temps. High risk. High time to prepare.

Did you know that extreme heat kills more people than both earthquakes AND wildfires? The fact is, most people don’t. And unfortunately, most Californians view extreme heat with ambivalence, brushing it off as “just the way it is now.” For this reason, extreme heat is often called a “quiet killer.”

Upon teaming up with the Office of Community Partnerships and Strategic Communications (OCPSC) to help solve this very serious situation, we knew our job was to make Californians reconsider extreme heat’s danger in a meaningful way and give people the tools needed to protect themselves, their families, and their communities.

As extreme heat affects Californians in a wide variety of ways, we quickly realized that creating awareness and subsequent action would require easily digestible language and simple visuals.

Alongside straightforward, tip-driven language, the art direction captures attention with saturated colors that convey the extreme effects of hot weather and bold photography portraying the diverse audiences we are trying to reach.

Heat Check

Creating Awareness & Aiding Preparedness
Our work focuses on reminders of staying vigilant and driving traffic to our custom-designed extreme heat website ( and which provides information on what can be done to protect yourself. “Heat Ready” tips and warnings are illustrated with greater urgency in video and radio, social and out-of-home assets heavily targeted at those most vulnerable to heat, including seniors, pregnant people and those living with chronic conditions.

Geotargeted warnings are issued across affected areas when extreme heat strikes and provide crucial information for staying cool and safer as temperatures reach dangerous levels. Messaging includes information about the signs of heat related illnesses and where to find a local cooling center.

Given the importance of this effort, we’ve emphasized accurate transcreation and cultural relevancy to ensure the message resonates with California’s highly diverse population. That said, the core idea of this campaign is universal: taking simple steps before and during extreme heat events is something ALL of us can do to be safer.

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