September 11th, 2023

RSE Earns ‘Communication Champion’ Accolade from Ethnic Media Services and California Black Media

With California as home to people representing dozens of ethnicities and speaking at least 200 languages, the importance of ethnic media outreach cannot be emphasized enough as an integral element in California-based social marketing campaigns.

Due to our work leading the statewide COVID-19 Vaccinate ALL 58 (VA58) public education campaign, we were honored to be named a “Communication Champion” by Ethnic Media Services and California Black Media during a ceremony last Thursday.

Awards honor exceptional communication campaigns by state agencies that leverage ethnic media to inform and engage California’s diverse audiences.

As part of the VA58 campaign, the team implemented multiple partnerships with ethnic media outlets throughout the state by funding paid and earned media programs that reached deep into communities.

One of the programs funded by the campaign provided publications with fellowships to report about mis- and dis-information about vaccines to their communities. As part of that program, the resulting “Myth Busters” initiative of Spanish speaking town hall events addressed myths and rumors about the COVID-19 vaccines which generated 86 original stories by 58 ethnic media outlets.

“This award is a tremendous honor,” said RSE President Chris Holben. “This recognition underscores the critical role ethnic media outlets play as trusted messengers in their communities — shaping narratives, fostering meaningful dialogue and driving positive change.”

The award was presented during the Ethnic Media Symposium, Expo and Awards, which brought leaders representing all levels of government, business and non-profits together with members of the press representing ethnic media outlets. The event explored new ways to engage California’s diverse communities in some of California’s most challenging issues.