Manetti Shrem Museum – Wayne Thiebaud Exhibit

Celebrating Art’s Original Influencer

A notably “sweet” centurion.

Marking anyone’s 100th birthday, let alone a local painter with worldwide recognition and prolific influence on an entire generation of younger artists, is a momentous occasion worthy of grand celebration. In recognition of legendary painter Wayne Thiebaud, The Manetti Shrem Museum at UC Davis created a special exhibit not only highlighting Thiebaud’s work as an artist, but his influence on budding painters as a professor at UC Davis. To help get the word out about this unique exhibit, RSE targeted art fans throughout the region by placing print in the Nob Hill Gazette and ArtForum magazine, alongside sponsored articles and banners in the SF Gate. The Wayne Thiebaud Influencer: A New Generation exhibit proved a roaring success, drawing hundreds of visitors throughout 2021 despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

RSE’s efforts not only promoted Wayne Thiebaud Influencer but helped expand communications for the Manetti Shrem Museum and raise its profile in the art community.

RSE partnered with local influencer Michelle Satterlee (@dressedtomatch), to promote the exhibit by “matching” her dresses to Thiebaud’s work.