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Meet Stella, the adorable Saber-toothed tiger who was created to help encourage healthy dental habits for kids in San Joaquin County. As part of First 5 San Joaquin’s SJ TEETH partnership with San Joaquin County Public Health, we created a graphic novel intended for kids ages 3-5 that follows Stella’s journey to a healthy smile. The graphic novel is in both English and Spanish and includes healthy smile activities for kids and resources for parents. To make Stella larger than life we put her on billboards as part of an outdoor campaign geared to promote healthy dental habits across San Joaquin County.

"Stella's Shiny Smile" won a Gold Addy from the American Advertising Federation.

Stella's Shiny Smile
Activity Kit


The three-week paid social campaign generated 750,000 impressions.


Live reading promotion on Facebook Live by Stockton-San Joaquin County Public Library

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