Western Health Advantage

Straight Talk. Real Advantages.

A health plan designed for all.

Imagine, if you will, that you’re creating a plan to keep people healthy. In all probability, you’d want it designed by doctors, the ones who know about keeping people well. It would be a non-profit to ensure the needs of your members came first. And of course, you’d make it affordable so people could actually afford to be healthy. These are but a few of the principles of Western Health Advantage.  

Showcasing these unique and compelling advantages of WHA became the strategic direction for our campaign. We shouted these messages from the rooftops — literally. With powerful, 50-foot-high phrases emblazoned on outdoor boards, that proudly and unapologetically show the reasons why WHA is a different kind of health plan.   

The advantages of WHA are shown proudly and simply to break through the healthcare clutter.